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The four MOST overlooked, easiest to fix, KEYS to SUCCESS

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A recent study published in Success Magazine identified
four key ingredients for happiness, fulfillment and personal
And now, I’ve got a message for those people out there who’ve abandoned you and written you off! Can you hear me? Good! You are NOT inferior! Your grades may be, your school may’ve been. But you can turn that around and make liars out of those bastards in exactly one hour when you take that test and pass it and win! So here’s what I want you to do. When you find your thoughts wandering, I want you to knuckle back down and concentrate. Concentrate! Remember what’s at stake and show them what East Side High’s all about: a spirit that will not die!”

-a goose-bump inducing speech from the movie “Lean On Me” from Joe Clark as played by Morgan Freeman

If you still haven’t attained the kind of success that you want
and dream about then you’re probably missing one (or more)
of the following critical steps:

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Never Abandon Your Ship

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“Get back on board, dammit!”
Those were the words of Italian Coast Guard Gregorio de Falco to Captain Francesco Schettino while he was abandoning his ship, leaving 4,200 people on board to perish (at least 12 died).
When you “mess up” and difficulty strikes, how do you handle it?
Do you take responsibility, do whatever it takes to make it right, step up and take action (like the Coast Guard)… or do you shirk responsibility, leave the scene of the disaster you created and start looking for someone else to blame (like the Captain)?
The translated exchange between the Captain and Coast Guard is transcribed below. In parenthesis are examples of excuses we might use in our daily lives for not taking responsibility for common failures.
(This isn’t what I envisioned for my life. But I don’t really want to change, please…)
Captain: Please …
Coast Guard: There is no ‘please’ about it. Get back on board.
(But I send out résumés, I leave messages for my prospects, I mail letters…)

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