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First you’re ‘crazy’.. then you’re GREAT

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Not a couple.. not a few.. but EVERYone you consider great, was first considered crazy. Chicken Soup for the Soul creator Mark Victor Hansen was turned down by 144 publishers before going on to sell 500million+ books as the best-selling book series ever. Jay Z was FORCED into greatness by being turned down by every record label that could’ve signed him. Michael Jordan made the decision to begin practicing like his life depended on it only AFTER he was famously cut from his team in grade school..

The point is- most are scared to fail because they don’t realise THOSE are the blessings we should be thankful for. When they consider you crazy- consider it a compliment.

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Michael Jordan: More than just a horrible restaurant tipper

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You’ve heard the story a million times about how he got cut from his junior varsity basketball team in high school (&if you were from DC, youd also hear a million stories of how he gets all his meals free but tips NO ONE lol). I was recently thinking how funny it is that no one knows that coach’s name… That’s something worth remembering the next time you get criticized, or the next time you feel like criticizing someone else…

Here are some of his most famous career highlights and inspirational commercials…

Chamillionaire: “As a man, i just wanted to swing on this dude!”