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The four MOST overlooked, easiest to fix, KEYS to SUCCESS

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A recent study published in Success Magazine identified
four key ingredients for happiness, fulfillment and personal
And now, I’ve got a message for those people out there who’ve abandoned you and written you off! Can you hear me? Good! You are NOT inferior! Your grades may be, your school may’ve been. But you can turn that around and make liars out of those bastards in exactly one hour when you take that test and pass it and win! So here’s what I want you to do. When you find your thoughts wandering, I want you to knuckle back down and concentrate. Concentrate! Remember what’s at stake and show them what East Side High’s all about: a spirit that will not die!”

-a goose-bump inducing speech from the movie “Lean On Me” from Joe Clark as played by Morgan Freeman

If you still haven’t attained the kind of success that you want
and dream about then you’re probably missing one (or more)
of the following critical steps:

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Daymond John’s 6 magic steps for Achieving your Dreams!

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Read a book nixxa, read a book... not a magazine, not a sports page...

If you dont know who Daymond John is- shame on you. He and his partners are only responsible (along with a cat named Karl Kani) for starting the whole urban clothing industry!! FUBU (For Us By Us) is the grand-daddy of most these urban street-wear labels u wear today. They got so big they even bought Coogi! Among other pioneering moves, he was the first to plot out actual product placement in music videos and if you read his book Display of Power you’ll find he actually “gangstered” his first endorsement from a celeb (LL Cool J) by pretty much camping out-outside the mans house!! The stuff of which legends are made. Especially when LL took such a liking to the guy, his partners, and their company- that he eventually raps the now infamous “For Us By Us- On the low” line in an ad for the “GAP” clothing brand commercial he was being paid to star in!!! Is this not proof that miracles happen?

In a song on my album called “Watch My Wrk” I talk about how thru ‘sheer force of will’ you can create your reality…” Well, here are Daymond’s 6 steps to making it happen. I found these on his twitter page by the way. Archived in his “favorites” section (BTW checking out peoples’ “favorites” on twitter is an AMAZING way of seeing who you’re dealing with. They are usually SOOOOO telling. LoL & SmH) At any rate- let me know if you like these..


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