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10 Tips for getting more followers on Twitter

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My favorite song is by the Jackson 5...

You have to admit, the speed with which Twitter gained global consciousness was nothing short of breath-taking. One moment it seemed noone had heard of it, the very next it was omnipresent. Canadian Police recently caught a guy they were looking for by following him on Twitter!

The thing about something that gets that big that quick tho- its easy to lose sight of it’s/your purpose-i.e. how it can actually help you.
Twitter works like a great metaphor for how anything in life can be used to either your benefit or your detriment- it shows you that there are many,many ways to play the game. Its also a great way to teach yourself about service and how its the key to getting EVERYTHING you want in life, (including more followers lol).

One thing this guy Marcelo Levin says that i love is:
“It doesn’t matter what you do, what industry you are in or how big (or small) your company is, you should be on Twitter engaging with new leads, checking out what your competition is doing and finding out what people are saying about you and your company.”

Elsewhere on the blog i have a list of apps that’re awesome but my addition to this list would be to immediately get yourself a free app like Hootsuite and get yourself a couple good keyword searches going that apply to people looking for your type of product or service.. What else would you add to Mr Levin’s list?

Tip #10 – Provide useful and value added information.
No one really cares if you are drinking coffee now, if your kids just left for school or if you have a headache. Twitter is about providing tips, customer service and useful information that people can use on a daily basis. For example, if you are a photographer, provide daily tips on shooting better photographs. If you are a mechanic, provide daily tips on how to keep your car maintained properly. Providing these tidbits (in under 140 characters of course) that people can walk away with and use daily will keep you and your services in their mind space, and soon, you’ll be able to convert those leads into customers when they need your services.

Tip #9 – Listen to people first.
Like every cocktail party, if you walk up to someone and immediately tell them everything about yourself and what you sell, they will be turned off. In the Twitterverse, this is exactly the same. Don’t jump in and start “selling”. Listen to what people in your industry are doing and what they are looking for. Then jump in and provide useful information, but only if it adds value (see the tip #10).

Tip #8 – Participate in conversations.
After you’ve listened to people and understand what they like (and not like), jump in and start new conversations and participate in current conversations by adding your expertise. Answer as many questions as possible. Be honest and be passionate about what you offer. The effort you put in now to nurture these relationships will come back to you as business.
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(other) CEO’s who use Twitter!

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Or- "How to keep the bird's song informing instead of irritating.."Im sure you enjoy hearing about what the line looks like in the grocery store as much as I do, but uhhhhh just to mix it up- how about if we pretend the difference between the unsuccessful and the very successful is the information you take in when you dont have to (pretty much the very definition of twitter)..

Again, your network is your net-worth! (Click Here for a pretty comprehensive list of the major CEO’s who are also twitterers (sp? LOL) By the way- Im @

The top20 twitter apps ever made…

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I repeat...this bird will take over your life...

I repeat...this bird will take over your life...

Theres been alot of lists made, Ive even posted a few but if u disagree with any of these, lemme know… this has to be the best list you’ll find…


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dont let the bird take over your life...

dont let the bird take over your life...

If you’re like me, you wanna stay connected with your followers but you dont have time to stay on the computer all times of the day when there’s real life to be living… Well i feel you and heres a solution… 12 of em actually…(click here)

5simple things you can do to gain more followers on TWITTER

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...i will control your life..

...i will control your life..

The obvious method the following article leaves out is BE… other than that, i thought it was pretty good, hope u guys dig it…Click Here for more followers


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There seem to be more of us artists on twitter everyday- on the face of it, that’s a good thing (I’m faaar from a hater). The only problem is, alot of us are threatening to turn this pristine, super-dope enviroment into another over-saturated, spam-heavy myspace…  or facebook… pleeez don’t.