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I’m Baaaaack

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It’s been awhile! I hope you’ve been well- Ive missed you guys… and i aint afraid to say, i HOPE you’ve missed me too lol. I love giving out the information and inspiration that has become my brand but Ladies& Gs- i had to take a break and put some priority on practicing what i preach!! Hahaaahaa!!

So now… multiple businesses later, &with a clear aim and a revolutionary mindset- I’m gonna start again- slowly at first and then before you know it we’ll be back goin hard.

Alotta dope tings agwan so I’m anxious to bring yall along- 2things I can promise- we def bout to have some fun & we def bout to learn somethin…

HaZiQ aLi


My film debut: #Eeazy as 123.

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Acting ain’t easy but it’s very rewarding. So i hope you enjoy this as much as we did. This film follows Eeazy as he solves the tragic murder of his sister. And tries to keep from getting murdered himself.
I show up in the first 15secs this time.. *Cheers*


The HipHop & Love Tour (September-November)

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September thru October Dates... The Movement Is Movin...

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Trailer for “Eazy” the webseries im co-starring in..

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This web series/ soon to be movie was produced by my friend Benny Demus who you hear on the song with me and Akon- “wonderful life”… Im mega-proud of mi boy.. Big tings agwan! #Eazy

This new season still has the hero (villain) Eazy searching for his sisters’ killer…

My 2011 New Years Revolutions

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I dont know about you but I’m not one of the cynical folk who believe resolutions are just a load of BS. I think its all about the journey- not the destination- and even if you dont reach all of them- NOTHING is more important than goals.

Against all odds you gotta admit this was a helluva year. Some of my personal highlights were:
1)I won the MTV freshman 5 contest (by landslide)
2)My debut video premiered on both MTVu and MTV2
3)I got All-HipHop “Heater of the Day” honors twice in a week!
4)My first paid tour.
5)Gettin record done with Akon
6)Spending a week or so in India. Not Indiana. lol.
7)Makin honor roll my first semester back in school…lol

So overall, not a bad year at all. Im ready to see what this one has for the kid!!

Also, a wise man once told me that the worst kind of person is the one who doesnt work on their weaknesses…

So with that said, and in the interest of making ALLLLL of you my accountability partners- here- in no specific order- (drumroll) are my New Years Resolutions for 2011…

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MtvJams/ debut video from HaZiQ aLi… Freedom/Hussla

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Last nite, I had the ATLversion of my video release party and it really blew my mind(!) because I only had four days to promote and yet was able to pull off a packed house!! I had an epiphany too because my whole fanbase seems to be Entreprenuers, Winners, and…Gorgeous women. It was a reeeeeally hi-quality audience.

I mean, people came to check out the video and my show, but because there were so many winners in the house it turned into a full-fledged networking event!! We had music execs, business owners, internet entreprenuers, brand managers, models, actresses, DJ’s, reality TV stars, producers, talk show hosts, bankers, photographers, bloggers, etc etc etc… Shouts out to Kat Crosby, DTLR, SUGADOLL AGENCY MODELS, DJ Dibiase and the venue, Slice- my video-release party literally had everything except a proper way to display a video– hahaaaHAHAAAAhaaa!!

So for those who missed the party completely, and those who were there but couldnt HEAR what was going on… Here’s my debut video- it’s called “FREEDOM” (#11 on my debut project, Business Is Good) and at the end it switches to a record called “HUSSLA” (#19)… eNJOY..(and please leave comments telling me what u think and if u know my music, what video we should shoot next…)


HaZiQ aLi on tour

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Words cant express how much I learned and how much fun i had on this tour!! It was just an incredible experience… For me to get booked for the tour with no commercial radio play yet, and before my video has even hit MTV yet was already a blessing, but for the crowds to recieve me the way they did… awww man… #HipHopRealMusicIsAlive

I will continue to post clips from different shows as i upload em to my youtube channel but this was from show #2 in Duluth, Minnesota.. It was cold as hell (to me) but not INside… One of these songs is from my album “Business Is Good” and the other is from my upcoming mixtape “Confidence Game” which Im bout to lay down wit Black Bill Gates…and another with DJ Bobby Black #PayAttention