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First you’re ‘crazy’.. then you’re GREAT

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Not a couple.. not a few.. but EVERYone you consider great, was first considered crazy. Chicken Soup for the Soul creator Mark Victor Hansen was turned down by 144 publishers before going on to sell 500million+ books as the best-selling book series ever. Jay Z was FORCED into greatness by being turned down by every record label that could’ve signed him. Michael Jordan made the decision to begin practicing like his life depended on it only AFTER he was famously cut from his team in grade school..

The point is- most are scared to fail because they don’t realise THOSE are the blessings we should be thankful for. When they consider you crazy- consider it a compliment.

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What Happened to our Imaginations??

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by S. Ali

Picture this day. The first day of school at your very first school. You have on brand new everything. You’re smiling, happy, slightly nervous but your mom and/or dad is right there. Then you walk inside those big doors full of even bigger dreams. Your first teacher then asks the magic question: “What do you want to be when you grow up??”

You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.”
Mark Twain

No other single question in our collective consciousness is as ethereal, emotive, palpable and utterly terrifying as this one. The range of emotions you feel today is almost exclusively based on whether you have attempted any what you thought of that day. Terror if you haven’t. Giddiness at the possibility of what’s to come. Or anxiety because you’re still working and not quite where you want.
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The Strangest Secret In The World.

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Most people aren’t lacking money or ANY other resource for that matter- what most people are lacking is ideas.

The reason most are lacking ideas is because they aren’t asking for them.

They walk around feeling like a passenger on their own boat- never realizing that the captains chair has THEIR name on it.

There is a very powerful faction on this planet who makes lots of money from making you think you’re a victim who needs meds, therapy, and “happy hour” when honestly what you need is to fill your day up with passionate productivity. How do you know if its productive or just busy-work? Easy- a project is never done til you can stop working on it;and it starts working for you.

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And this video, ladies and Gs- will change your life. We have all heard that it isn’t the answers that getcha- its the questions? Well grab a pen and some paper because the questions you’re about to consider are going to be truly transformative. This might be the best 30min of your year: right here

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Less Is Not More

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HahaaHAAhaaaHAAhaa!! What’s crazy is, as a little kid I was this guy. (I can hear my pops in my head as I type this saying “Why aren’t you asking me what you can do to help?!?”lollll) I bet we can all relate if we’re being honest. The thing of it is, we are in the murky soup of a society that seduces a man into thinking he’s winning if he can somehow manipulate his situation into Continue reading

The Butterfly & The Cocoon (a short powerful story)

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A man found a cocoon of a butterfly. One day a small opening appeared. He sat and watched the butterfly for several hours as it struggled to force its body through that little hole. Then it seemed to stop making any progress. It appeared as if it had gotten as far as it could, and it could go no further.
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Exposed: 11 big myths about successful entreprenuers

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Before we begin, the BIGGEST myth of them all is that… entrepreneurship does NOT mean you own a business!

Entrepreneurship is simply “exploiting opportunities (to serve) without regard to resources currently controlled.” We make this distinction in all our teachings- and the only place Harvard and i differ (but its huge) are those two words I put in parentheses. If you want to start a business that will last, if you want financial freedom: SOLVE. A. Problem. Your only job security is to make yourself irreplaceable. The easiest way to become successful is to make yourself valuable.


1. To Be A Successful Entrepreneur You Must Invent Something Truly Novel. Wrong, but I doubt facts will stop achievement-obsessed upper-class parents from building “replica garages” for their kids’ play dates, to instill in them whatever made Hewlett & Packard and Jobs & Wozniak do what they did. Big Error! Why? Ask yourself what Sir Richard Branson invented, then remind yourself that Ted Turner didn’t invent TV news, all he did was perfect it and disseminate it (via CNN) brilliantly.

Entrepreneurs who build better mousetraps are the exception, not the rule. Most business builders look at the world, see things that can be improved upon, break the mold, and add value. They prod, poke, and push paradigms, infinitely more often than they cause cataclysmic shifts. Take the crème-filled cookie, now 100 years old: Everyone thinks that Oreo invented it because it dominates the market niche. Nope, it was Hydrox. Oreo was a Johnnie-come-lately to the game – but owing to better marketing and, some claim, a better recipe, Oreo now owns the space.

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30 Life-changing Dr. Seuss Quotes

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Believed to have been born on March 2, 1904- Dr Suess has quite a story & I figured his bday was as good a time as any to share…

Dr. Seuss’ personal story is one of perseverance. He started
his career as a cartoonist, transitioned into advertising and
eventually�and lucky for us! �became a children’s book
author. For three decades, it was advertising that paid the
bills. It was really his 13th book, The Cat in the Hat, that put
him on the map.
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