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Convertible Range-Rover (My New Fave Car Series)

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comin sooner than u think...

The world’s first soft-top Range Rover has secretly taken to the road ahead of its official unveiling.

Eagle-eyed car enthusiasts spotted the sleek Evoque Convertible purring through London this weekend, days before it is to be premiered at the Geneva Motor Show. Continue reading


15 things they SHOULD’ve taught us in High School..(but didnt..)

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Top of each level- is the bottom of the next.

We all have learned a bunnnnch (hopefully) since High School. And i dunno about you but here are a few things i wish idve known earlier… Like, seriously, why wasnt there a class on some of these?


1. The 80/20 rule.
This is one of the best ways to make better use of your time. The 80/20 rule – also known as The Pareto Principle – basically says that 80 percent of the value you will receive will come from 20 percent of your activities.

So a lot of what you do is probably not as useful or even necessary to do as you may think.

You can just drop – or vastly decrease the time you spend on – a whole bunch of things.

And if you do that you will have more time and energy to spend on those things that really brings your value, happiness, fulfilment and so on.

2. Parkinson’s Law.
You can do things quicker than you think. This law says that a task will expand in time and seeming complexity depending on the time you set aside for it. For instance, if you say to yourself that you’ll come up with a solution within a week then the problem will seem to grow more difficult and you’ll spend more and more time trying to come up with a solution.

So focus your time on finding solutions. Then just give yourself an hour (instead of the whole day) or the day (instead of the whole week) to solve the problem. This will force your mind to focus on solutions and action.

The result may not be exactly as perfect as if you had spent a week on the task, but as mentioned in the previous point, 80 percent of the value will come from 20 percent of the activities anyway. Or you may wind up with a better result because you haven’t overcomplicated or overpolished things. This will help you to get things done faster, to improve your ability to focus and give you more free time where you can totally focus on what’s in front of you instead of having some looming task creating stress in the back of your mind.

3. Batching.
Boring or routine tasks can create a lot of procrastination and low-level anxiety. One good way to get these things done quickly is to batch them. This means that you do them all in row. You will be able to do them quicker because there is less “start-up time” compared to if you spread them out. And when you are batching you become fully engaged in the tasks and more focused.

A batch of things to do in an hour today may look like this: Clean your desk / answer today’s emails / do the dishes / make three calls / write a grocery shopping list for tomorrow.

4. First, give value. Then, get value. Not the other way around. Continue reading

WILLPower- Will Smith on Winning.

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A couple words about Will Smith. This dude is extremely under-rated as it relates to his accomplishments vs his acclaim. This is a guy who epitomizes alot of what we are studying. If you read something like the Laws of Success and then look at his career- they’re all there! We’re talking about a guy who used to memorize the entire script when he was filming Fresh Prince of BelAir- and would be ready when other actors needed him! This is way before $20million dollars a film.

So with that said, here are some millionaire secrets from Will Smith.
If you arent motivated after you watch THIS.. you need to throw yaself a funeral.

Flying In a Wingsuit..

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&the obvious theme music for this would be…

Mile-High Club by HaZiQ aLi

8 year old twin Nigerian math geniuses..

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Anyone who knows me knows Im always championing the causes of thse who push the limits of human capability. Here’s one more example..

Meet twins Paula and Peter Imafidon – they’ve just passed the University of Cambridge Advanced Maths A level and they are just 8 years old! They chat to GMTV’s John Stapleton

My New Fave Shoes

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...wit the air u dont feel it when u step on a hater's feelings.

The Gourmet Quadici … coming Spring 2011
(in peacoat navy with the rawhide leather laces)

7 tips on improving your conversation skills

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I believe that one of the best ways to connect with people and build quality relationships is through making conversation. Although most people can hold a conversation, your goal (we all need one lol) should be to come off as smooth and charismatic when you talk. “Obama-esque” if you will…

Like anything- you’re going to need practice if you ever wanna be great but the good news is that- from sales to interaction with the opposite sex- there’s no area these tips cant help you out..

1. Talk slowly

Typically, good talkers don’t rush into a conversation. They take their time when they reflect on something and when they say it out loud. They act as if they have all the time in the world. This makes them come off as centered and collected. Model this way of talking and you will create the same effect.

2. Hold more eye contact

Most people keep eye contact about 2/3 of the time or less when they talk. In my experience, it’s a very good idea to hold eye contact just a bit more than that. This will convey confidence and interest in interacting with them.

3. Notice the details

People with good conversation skills tend to notice the kind of things that the average person doesn’t notice, and to bring such details into the conversation. They may notice and point out an interesting ring on the other person’s hand, a certain foreign accent, or a certain voice tone they use when saying a name. Thus, such individuals impress people in a very elegant manner.
Continue reading