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Tupac Back! Coachella changes game w/ hologram

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Yeah- Snoop (&no doubt Jimmy Iovine) brought ‘Tupac” out on stage.cant wait to see how exactly this was done- but i think the voice could be a bit closer to the real pac esp with the amount of material there is to pull from…

I predict more MFdoom style “virtual” appearances that will save promoters money and gyp the fans. That is- of course- until we are able to have Biggie, Pac, Kurt Cobain(or Nicki Minaj?) perform in the privacy of our homes…

what other applications can u think of for this technology?


Martin: RIP Whitty Hutton (Whitney Houston)

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MtvJams/ debut video from HaZiQ aLi… Freedom/Hussla

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Last nite, I had the ATLversion of my video release party and it really blew my mind(!) because I only had four days to promote and yet was able to pull off a packed house!! I had an epiphany too because my whole fanbase seems to be Entreprenuers, Winners, and…Gorgeous women. It was a reeeeeally hi-quality audience.

I mean, people came to check out the video and my show, but because there were so many winners in the house it turned into a full-fledged networking event!! We had music execs, business owners, internet entreprenuers, brand managers, models, actresses, DJ’s, reality TV stars, producers, talk show hosts, bankers, photographers, bloggers, etc etc etc… Shouts out to Kat Crosby, DTLR, SUGADOLL AGENCY MODELS, DJ Dibiase and the venue, Slice- my video-release party literally had everything except a proper way to display a video– hahaaaHAHAAAAhaaa!!

So for those who missed the party completely, and those who were there but couldnt HEAR what was going on… Here’s my debut video- it’s called “FREEDOM” (#11 on my debut project, Business Is Good) and at the end it switches to a record called “HUSSLA” (#19)… eNJOY..(and please leave comments telling me what u think and if u know my music, what video we should shoot next…)


HaZiQ aLi on tour

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Words cant express how much I learned and how much fun i had on this tour!! It was just an incredible experience… For me to get booked for the tour with no commercial radio play yet, and before my video has even hit MTV yet was already a blessing, but for the crowds to recieve me the way they did… awww man… #HipHopRealMusicIsAlive

I will continue to post clips from different shows as i upload em to my youtube channel but this was from show #2 in Duluth, Minnesota.. It was cold as hell (to me) but not INside… One of these songs is from my album “Business Is Good” and the other is from my upcoming mixtape “Confidence Game” which Im bout to lay down wit Black Bill Gates…and another with DJ Bobby Black #PayAttention

The 7 psychological principles of Scam Artists.

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Good con-men are politicians or record execs excellent intuitive psychologists. Just like magicians they understand enough about how the mind works to exploit its vulnerabilities. Our fascination with hustlers is insatiable and, despite being criminals, they are frequently portrayed by Hollywood in a flattering light, in films like The Sting, Catch Me If You Can and the Ocean’s Eleven trilogy.

Of course the reality is nowhere near as romantic, especially if you’ve fallen for one of the cons. Frank Stajano, a security expert at Cambridge University, has been working with Paul Wilson, a scam artist and author of BBC TV’s The Real Hustle to identify the 7 major psychological principles used in short cons to part people from their cash (Stajano & Wilson, 2009; PDF, 308K).

1. Distraction
Attention is like spotlight, which means when it’s pointing in one direction it pretty much ignores everything else.

Except people don’t realise how little information coming in from the outside world we actually process. Naturally you don’t notice what you don’t notice, plus the mind is designed to fill in the gaps for us. But Hustlers do know and almost every con uses some kind of distraction.

The classic example is ‘Three-card Monte’ sometimes called ‘Find the Lady’, a rigged card game in which the aim is to find one card out of three after the hustler shuffles them around.

At the heart of this hustle is the orchestration of a crowd of onlookers who the mark (that’s you and me) thinks are all fellow punters, but who are actually in on the game. Marks are distracted by the situation in the street — the banter, laughter and excitement — and don’t realise the whole thing is a setup: no matter what the mark thinks they know, there is no way to win. The hustler is always one step ahead.

Stajano and Wilson call Three-card Monte ‘polite mugging’.
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Haziq and Lil Wayne (Vans remix)

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50 cent new video “Crime Wave”

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Genius. 4…3…2…. this is my countdown til u all hop back on his saks bandwagon..

Here’s one helluva inteview 50 did with the BBC in London where he discusses fear, gays, and his new book.