Why Former Big People Are My Heroes!

By S. Ali

One of my heroes...and you know one too...

One of my heroes…and you know one too…

I probably could have come up with a better title.  One that’s more PC, but the truth of the matter is – this is exactly what I mean to say.  I’m talking about real life heroes.  Not movie stars or pro ball players or rappers or singers.  I’m talking about that guy you knew from high school who had a heart of gold but was 10 sizes too big.  That girl with the cute face and beautiful smile but who you didn’t really want anyone to see you talking to.  I’m talking about those people.  And not just them, but I’m talking about those same people who woke up one day and made a decision to improve themselves for them.  I’m talking about your cousin, aunt or brother who woke up and said enough, and went and lost 50 or more pounds through sheer will (not surgery).  These are my heroes.

Today we get bombarded with pictures of plastic surgery gone horribly wrong (or right depending on your perspective), rich and famous athletes and movie stars.  Sure, their professions are absolutely attainable, as is anything we put our minds to, but we can’t touch them. They are very far away; you can’t get as much true inspiration from them.  Now picture that same guy or girl from high school who made up their mind and went and did it.  They put the work in day in and day out and completely changed their entire life.  This is the type of steel clad will power I aspire to have, and so should you.  Imagine if we took this same mindset to work everyday.  Prepared like they prepared, studied our profession as they worked their bodies.  We’d all be much further along to be sure.

So what made them do it?  Are these people any different than you and me?  Absolutely not, and what made them do it was the decision that had to do with a person drawing a line in the sand and saying “I WILL NOT MAKE ANYMORE EXCUSES” about where I am and take ultimate accountability for it.  Then take relentless action until the goal is achieved; then set the next one.  Remember that we are where we are in life based on the total of the sum of each decision we’ve made in our lives to this point.  We’re also reminded that these people illustrate the fact that no ‘overnight’ success stories actually exist.  Well, they kind of do, if you count making a decision to not do something today and you don’t do it, then when you sleep that night you are that success.  But then the path becomes each one of these decisions, that form habits, that when repeated, yield astonishing results.  Key here though, you must make these small decisions and mark each win each day.

The other thing I love about former big people is that they are, for the most part, terrified of slipping back into their old habits, so they monitor their mental intakes almost as much as they monitor their physical.  Imagine if they had a bunch of people telling them what they couldn’t do or that they would never lose the weight.  They never would have.  We must do the same in our daily lives.  Monitor who you let take up space in your mental fortress.  Most people we let in probably don’t belong.

I even wish these people had some sort of special badge or marking so we’d be able to tell them apart from the rest of humanity.  I say this so everyday we could be reminded that SOMEONE made it, so why not us?  The same mentality is used by that winning student everyday who says to themselves, that if anyone got an A in the class there was room for another.  For me it isn’t about the weight loss itself, it’s about the decision making process, the mental toughness and the consistency.

Let’s all make a decision today.

Watch this for true inspiration...not Housewives!

Watch this for true inspiration…not Housewives!


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