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First you’re ‘crazy’.. then you’re GREAT

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Not a couple.. not a few.. but EVERYone you consider great, was first considered crazy. Chicken Soup for the Soul creator Mark Victor Hansen was turned down by 144 publishers before going on to sell 500million+ books as the best-selling book series ever. Jay Z was FORCED into greatness by being turned down by every record label that could’ve signed him. Michael Jordan made the decision to begin practicing like his life depended on it only AFTER he was famously cut from his team in grade school..

The point is- most are scared to fail because they don’t realise THOSE are the blessings we should be thankful for. When they consider you crazy- consider it a compliment.

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Publish A Book and Grow Rich

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..&As promised, I’m going to bring 10 of our cellphone university network along!

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