Less Is Not More


HahaaHAAhaaaHAAhaa!! What’s crazy is, as a little kid I was this guy. (I can hear my pops in my head as I type this saying “Why aren’t you asking me what you can do to help?!?”lollll) I bet we can all relate if we’re being honest. The thing of it is, we are in the murky soup of a society that seduces a man into thinking he’s winning if he can somehow manipulate his situation into
doing as little as possible while still getting paid. This of course, is one of the many reasons the poor get poorer. The real trick to being successful is of course to give your gifts away to as many as you can until the people like it so much they think they need it. Is that not the only situation in which you can name your price?

You have to declare yourself a millionaire. And its ALL in your mind. A guy who has decided he’s a millionaire would be ashamed to see himself like this- & in fact, a guy with a millionaire mindset wouldnt even take these types of actions because they just. wouldn’t. compute. So If i may close with a metaphor: It’s all about makin damn sure you plantin what YOU want to eat in your garden. Cuz please believe the weeds grow by themselves.


One Response to “Less Is Not More”

  1. Malcolm D. Hill Says:

    Again, my ideal garden would have plenty of broccoli.Here’s to the seeds of life.

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