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Less Is Not More

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HahaaHAAhaaaHAAhaa!! What’s crazy is, as a little kid I was this guy. (I can hear my pops in my head as I type this saying “Why aren’t you asking me what you can do to help?!?”lollll) I bet we can all relate if we’re being honest. The thing of it is, we are in the murky soup of a society that seduces a man into thinking he’s winning if he can somehow manipulate his situation into Continue reading


Good Entrepreneurs Borrow; Great Entrepreneurs STEAL!

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Great title right? Not sure if it was Picasso or Einstein (maybe it was both since everyone steals-lol) but “Creativity is hiding your sources!”.

What great ideas have you ever seen that didn’t build upon a few that already existed? Even an uber innovative device like the iPhone was a combination of many, many other technologies that Steve Jobs and his gang found and utilized (buying in some cases the entire company). At any rate- enjoy.

Pixar’s 22 Rules of Good! Storytelling

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Stories equal connection. They produce experiences, reveal what makes your message unique,they motivate the audience toward your goal- & in a way that makes it easy to share! That’s why we’re so adamant about you learning this skillset. Whether you’re talking about a job interview or a marriage proposal- your success rate can only be helped by framing all the best things about yourself with a good story.

Stories are possibly the worlds oldest artform (I said artform, not profession) and its probably because- like any good media- they are information and entertainment all combined into one.

These rules were originally tweeted by Emma Coats, Pixar’s Story Artist. Number 9 on the list – When you’re stuck, make a list of what wouldn’t happen next – is a great one and can apply to writers in all genres.

1.You admire a character for trying more than for their successes.
2.You gotta keep in mind what’s interesting to you as an audience, not what’s fun to do as a writer. They can be very different.
3.Trying for theme is important, but you won’t see what the story is actually about til you’re at the end of it. Now rewrite.
4.Once upon a time there was ___. Every day, ___. One day ___. Because of that, ___. Because of that, ___. Until finally ___.
5.Simplify. Focus. Combine characters. Hop over detours. You’ll feel like you’re losing valuable stuff but it sets you free.
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