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Tupac Back! Coachella changes game w/ hologram

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Yeah- Snoop (&no doubt Jimmy Iovine) brought ‘Tupac” out on stage.cant wait to see how exactly this was done- but i think the voice could be a bit closer to the real pac esp with the amount of material there is to pull from…

I predict more MFdoom style “virtual” appearances that will save promoters money and gyp the fans. That is- of course- until we are able to have Biggie, Pac, Kurt Cobain(or Nicki Minaj?) perform in the privacy of our homes…

what other applications can u think of for this technology?


Facebook buys 2yr old company Instagram for $1B

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Kevin Systrom, the guy you SHOULD've been tryn meet at SxSW.
Too late. #WasAllGoodAweekAgo

Two quick things before i let CNN take it away…
1)They REALLY were adamant-just last week- about staying indie- one more piece of proof the greats dont do it for money. (but EVERYONE has a price-lol)
2)The illest line in the whole article is the last. Think about what people need THEN create. Thats the job of the artist circa’ 2012.

(CNNMoney) — Facebook has agreed to buy photo sharing network Instagram for $1 billion in a combination of cash and stock, the company announced Monday.

It’s Facebook’s biggest acquisition ever, in both price and reach. With around 30 million active users, Instagram has the largest audience of any startup Facebook has purchased, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a blog post.

“We don’t plan on doing many more of these, if any at all,” Zuckerberg wrote. “But providing the best photo sharing experience is one reason why so many people love Facebook and we knew it would be worth bringing these two companies together.”

Founded in 2010 by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom, Instagram has just a handful of employees supporting its wildly popular photo app, which lets users add distinctive filters and visual flair to photos they’ve snapped on their smartphones.

The long-awaited Android version, released last week, racked up more than 1 million downloads in just 12 hours. Continue reading

new College DJ mixtape feat. HaZiQ aLi

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new College DJ mixtape feat. HaZiQ aLi

New Mixtape!! Features Original Tracks from Mobb Deep,Skyzoo, HaZiQ aLi, Kooley High, Born I Music, Smokey Robotic, & More!

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