Convertible Range-Rover (My New Fave Car Series)

comin sooner than u think...

The world’s first soft-top Range Rover has secretly taken to the road ahead of its official unveiling.

Eagle-eyed car enthusiasts spotted the sleek Evoque Convertible purring through London this weekend, days before it is to be premiered at the Geneva Motor Show.
The stylish 4X4 – which is expected to be on the market by the summer – was seen glinting in the sun as it sped through the winding streets of the capital

Jaguar Land Rover is expected to be inundated with enquiries and WAGs across the country will be revving up for a rush to the showrooms.

The company is currently experiencing one of the most successful periods in its history, despite the economic downturn.

The Midlands-based giant, which also builds cars on Merseyside, saw revenues soar by 41 per cent to £3.75billion in the final quarter thanks to strong growth in China and Russia.
All starts with the concept..

It has built 50,000 Evoques and there is currently a 60,000-strong order book for the ‘Baby Range Rover’.
The cabriolet version is expected to cost between £35,000 and £50,000 – depending on trim level – when it hits the roads.
It is expected to be one of the stars of the Geneva Motor Show.

What do u think?


One Response to “Convertible Range-Rover (My New Fave Car Series)”

  1. Malcolm d. Hill Says:

    Looks like the range rover is out of my range. Nice thought.

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