WILLPower- Will Smith on Winning.

A couple words about Will Smith. This dude is extremely under-rated as it relates to his accomplishments vs his acclaim. This is a guy who epitomizes alot of what we are studying. If you read something like the Laws of Success and then look at his career- they’re all there! We’re talking about a guy who used to memorize the entire script when he was filming Fresh Prince of BelAir- and would be ready when other actors needed him! This is way before $20million dollars a film.

So with that said, here are some millionaire secrets from Will Smith.
If you arent motivated after you watch THIS.. you need to throw yaself a funeral.


2 Responses to “WILLPower- Will Smith on Winning.”

  1. He speaks with passion, audacity, and charisma along with philosophical flair. I just hope he doesn’t take the I will die for this attitude literally.


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