Seven Easy Ways To Enhance Your POWER


Most people feel kinda odd about overtly striving for power because it has a bad reputation. Thanks to the abusers you sound like a James Bond villian just because you tryn come up! Sucks man. We even despise and reject the “selfish” motivations& methods of managers and leaders who manipulate and coerce people into reluctant compliance- instead of celebrating them& studying their methods!! SmH. Well for 2012 let’s remember excuses breed impotence.

Power is neither good nor bad. Everyone has it and everyone uses it. Power is the ability to get something done.

The more skillfully you use power the more power you’ll have.

Seven powerful tips that enhance your power:

1.The more power you give others the more power you have. Hoarding power eventually destroys it. Skillful leaders create environments where others feel powerful.
2.Don’t talk about your power. Powerful people don’t tell others they have power; they display it by doing things.
3.Quietly embrace your power to influence, lift, encourage, challenge, reward, be respected, and hold others accountable. Your discomfort with power is your problem; when you get over your discomfort, you’ll be more effective.

4.Achieve results through others. Doing things others should do demonstrates lack of leadership-power.
5.Speak and act humbly. Humility enhances effectiveness; arrogance hinders it. Powerful people don’t need to intimidate; they frequently lead from the back-seat.
6.Focus – your ability to get things done – on developing people. You can do all the things that great leaders do like building trust, inspiring shared vision, creating goals and plans, and rewarding high performance but if you don’t develop others you won’t reach extraordinary success. The only way to succeed without developing others is to hire people that are already developed. But you must immediately begin developing them.
7.Let others influence you. Leaders who aren’t influenced by others can’t influence others.
Bonus Tip: Leverage power by spending more time with people who respect you and less time with those who don’t.


3 Responses to “Seven Easy Ways To Enhance Your POWER”

  1. Brotha Malcolm Says:

    It takes money to make money and money talks. With no money to spare and on hard times, theres not much talking coming from me. My integrity is my main foundation. When power becomes more viable the idea of it becomes more beautiful. Right now my american dream remains a dream deffered. Malcolm

    • dont look at money in terms of lack. look at it in terms of the purpose it will serve- and then let the lack of it inspire you to find another, more creative way to accomplish. dont defer your dreams bro- write them down and use your “power” to follow-thru. your discipline and consistency is amazing- youd write something new everyday for years on Sundays. Now its time to use that so well-developed muscle.

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