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5 Banned Books you should read anyway.

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If u cant laugh at ignorance... u just might be ignorant.

Ok soooo when i arrived to hartsfield terminal in ATL to start this tour couple days ago& was told my bags were 11 pounds overweight it disturbed me-i packed exceedingly light for such a long trip and didnt even have that big a bag. My awkward feelings only increased when i realized it was mostly all the (hardcover) books i’d brought. Yeah… ive heard of kindle. ive even bought them as gifts for people- but i still like physically turning the pages in a book. Even when its bulky.

Recently a new reason to keep the books here in the physical realm came to me though- consider that if the gov’t decides to ban a book or a movie today- all theyd have to do is remove it from your ebook menu… #ThinkAboutIt

At any rate, here are 5 books they decided in the past you werent able to handle for yaself…All 5 have been condemned, banned or even burned. What do u think?

1.Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut
Way before he got name dropped by Jay Electronica, Vonnegut was expanding minds. This masterpiece in nonlinear story structure that moves forward and backwards in time, Vonnegut’s book centers around possibly delusional solder Billy Pilgrim, who is captured by the Germans during the Battle of the Bulge. While detained in a slaughterhouse, Billy experiences past and future events out of order, including being kidnapped by aliens and the moment of his murder. Exploring the concept of fatalism over free will, Vonnegut’s book is as much of a trip as Billy’s journey to the planet Tralfamadore.
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The HipHop & Love Tour (September-November)

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September thru October Dates... The Movement Is Movin...

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Hollywood’s new CA$H King

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One dresses in drag as a gun-totin’ granny, the other’s a heartthrob and everything the third touches turns to gold. All three are among Hollywood’s most successful celebrities.

So who tops the list of 11 men named to Forbes’ annual list of the highest-paid men in entertainment?

But there can only be one...

Coming in at No. 1 was multihyphenate Tyler Perry, who grossed a whopping $130 million between May 2010 and May 2011, the period when this survey was taken, not only from five movies he wrote, directed, produced and occasionally acted in as his alter ego Madea (see Madea Goes to Jail), but also from two television series he has on the air, Tyler Perry’s House of Payne and Meet the Browns.

He returns to the big screen next in a rare appearance in a film not of his own making—playing fictional detective Alex Cross in an adaptation of James Patterson’s I, Alex Cross.

For his part, actor Leonardo DiCaprio nabbed eighth place after raking in a cool $77 million from 2010’s Shutter Island and Inception, both of which tallied a combined $1.1 billion in worldwide ticket sales.

Forbes mainstay Steven Spielberg meanwhile took the third spot with $107 million despite not having directed a movie since 2008’s disappointing Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
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Trailer for “Eazy” the webseries im co-starring in..

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This web series/ soon to be movie was produced by my friend Benny Demus who you hear on the song with me and Akon- “wonderful life”… Im mega-proud of mi boy.. Big tings agwan! #Eazy

This new season still has the hero (villain) Eazy searching for his sisters’ killer…