7 reasons NOT to check email in the AM

I see thru you... You lil' time-burgular.

If your morning routine is usually turning over using the potty (checking twitter) then going STRAIGHT to the email box… u may want to reconsider after this..

Personal development expert Sid Savara makes the argument that checking email first thing in the morning sets up for a day down the wrong track.


#1 Ignorance is (fully productive) bliss
u knew what u wanted to do before u cut it on… why does that change the second you do?

#2 Its not YOUR todo list..
9 times out of 10 its just a bunch of stuff someone ELSE wants you to do. Who cares? Well you do, but just not first thing in the morning..

#3 Its an excuse to lack direction.
Referring back to our #2.. get up& get out. Or get some goals… Whyd u turn it on in the first place, cuz u didnt know what YOU wanted to do. Look on this blog for the post on Charles Schwab ASAP!!

#4 #4 Reaction vs Pro-action
Stop living your life in a constant state of reaction. How often do u open your email JUST as some urgetn task is sent to you? Almost never. Relax and get your real priorities done. Or get some. lol.

#5 Searching for Excuses
Usually though, checking facebook, twitter, etc isnt cuz u have no idea what to do- its usually you know EXACTLY what you’re supposed to be doing- and yr just avoiding it… know the difference.

#6 Theres no set time limit
You might hate meetings but at least you know loosely how long they’ll last!!! you have NO idea when it comes to your email activities… and still you do it because you fool yourself like you’re being productive. You’re not.

#7 It builds expectation

When u respond to people immediately on email you’re creating a monster. Stop letting people dictate your actions when they dont serve your ultimate goal. I know it sounds hard but like everything else, after two weeks or so.. they’ll learn…

Some of you ARE ALREADY whining.. lol.. “That’s how I keep in touch with my team!” or “I need to hear back before I can move forward!” I dig – there are always times when Im expecting to hear back on something important (not just “urgent”) and so have to briefly check email first thing in the morning as well…

Here’s the thing: If you must,discipline yourself to only check a limited subset of email, and I recommend you follow these rules:

Only check if there is something specific you are looking for. Most important – don’t go fishing around. Check it with a specific plan, a specific email you’re looking for from a specific person.
Separate low value emails via filters (“rules” in outlook) or separate email addresses so you don’t even see them in your inbox when you check
Set a time limit. Commit to checking for 5 minutes, just to look for that one piece of information – and have your exit strategy ready. Before you open your inbox, decide what you’ll do if 1) the email is there 2) the email isn’t there 3) the email is incomplete. Don’t be reactionary – proactively decide what action you will take based on the outcomes you expect.

hope that helps- leave comments if you have more good reasons too..


2 Responses to “7 reasons NOT to check email in the AM”

  1. I think we have definitely become obsessed with “keeping connected” anyway and should limit the amt of time we check e mail, twitter, etc… while instant gratification and constant communication can be good- it is definitely necessary to log out and live life, as well as handle business without the outside distractions and influences.

  2. true true true! recently gmail implemented a filter which helps with prioritizing emails. The internet, if abused, can be extremely counterproductive. Great post!

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