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Marketing to Fans- a new perspective.

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If you’re a serious artist Im sure you’ve heard of Midem (pronounced mideem). Its the most serious music conference in existence for those who want to have global impact. It is also where the masters of the universe meet to decide the new consensus for industry direction. In a nutshell where is the game headed- and how can you prepare?



7 reasons NOT to check email in the AM

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I see thru you... You lil' time-burgular.

If your morning routine is usually turning over using the potty (checking twitter) then going STRAIGHT to the email box… u may want to reconsider after this..

Personal development expert Sid Savara makes the argument that checking email first thing in the morning sets up for a day down the wrong track.


#1 Ignorance is (fully productive) bliss
u knew what u wanted to do before u cut it on… why does that change the second you do?

#2 Its not YOUR todo list..
9 times out of 10 its just a bunch of stuff someone ELSE wants you to do. Who cares? Well you do, but just not first thing in the morning..
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new Heater Of The Day

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(click the picture) This one’s called “ThE LiFe”


ps do me a favor and either comment their site or comment this one if u like it, or have ideas to make it better… i count on ya’ll…