My 2011 New Years Revolutions

I dont know about you but I’m not one of the cynical folk who believe resolutions are just a load of BS. I think its all about the journey- not the destination- and even if you dont reach all of them- NOTHING is more important than goals.

Against all odds you gotta admit this was a helluva year. Some of my personal highlights were:
1)I won the MTV freshman 5 contest (by landslide)
2)My debut video premiered on both MTVu and MTV2
3)I got All-HipHop “Heater of the Day” honors twice in a week!
4)My first paid tour.
5)Gettin record done with Akon
6)Spending a week or so in India. Not Indiana. lol.
7)Makin honor roll my first semester back in school…lol

So overall, not a bad year at all. Im ready to see what this one has for the kid!!

Also, a wise man once told me that the worst kind of person is the one who doesnt work on their weaknesses…

So with that said, and in the interest of making ALLLLL of you my accountability partners- here- in no specific order- (drumroll) are my New Years Resolutions for 2011…


I will get my 4part project “Confidence Game” in your ipod this year.
I will open up at least four stores (at an avg of one every 3mos)
I will save/invest $100,000.
I will begin using nightly to-do lists (like the trick from this Charles Schwab story)
I will sign with my first music industry manager ever.
I will believe people once they show me who they are.
I will write and record AT LEAST a song or a feature every week.
I will secure a publishing deal for my song& songwriting placements.
I will get a physical trainer and gain 15-20 pounds of muscle.
I will get/ do more features & cameos with my industry friends.
I will read at least one book per month.
I will review the books here on my blog.
I will update my blog at least once a week.


One Response to “My 2011 New Years Revolutions”

  1. im not mad at any of that…..lets go!!!

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