Tony Robbins tells the story of “Rocky”.

Do you really believe in your dreams? Do you really believe the life you’re here to live is worth the sacrifice, commitment, and growth it requires? I have a song on my album that asks “Tell me what does it take?/ When u wanna be great?..” Well this story says it all. When u hear the part about his dog, consider how MUCH he mustve wanted it- to have given up something that he was willing to pay so MUCH to have back once he had a little money. That, my friends, is sacrifice.

Tony Robbins didnt want to repeat a story that by now is so laden with mythology you cant tell legend from reality- so he asked Sylvester Stallone to tell him the story straight from the horses’ mouth (He is the Italian Stallion rite?)

This story is nothing short of incredible. And every word is true. Just click and listen while u surf the internets…




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