Kobe Bryant, The Utah Jazz fans and Thought vs Feeling…

The second song on my debut album is a song i recorded with a guy named Hedrush (The Roots, Dead Prez, etc) called “GodSpeed”. In this record i coin the phrase “G.O.D.” as an acronym for Goal Over Distraction because to me believing in GOD is a serious key to life.

Someone asked Marilyn vos Savant (person with highest IQ ever measured) what the relationship between thought and feeling was, she replied “..feeling is what you get for thinking the way you do..”

Now Kobe knows those pics were a reeeeally bad play, but if you were number 24 and had to face an assault from your haters like this.. would the pressure burst your pipes or turn ya coal into diamonds..’? How would your thoughts process the circumstances? Well – Kobe Bryant is the first player ever to string together five consecutive 30-point games in playoffs against the Jazz. Now whether he did it in spite of or BECAUSE of these haters.. we’ll never be sure. I have my thoughts though… or is that feelings? lol

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“At our best, we are all teachers..” -Maya Angelou

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