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MtvJams/ debut video from HaZiQ aLi… Freedom/Hussla

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Last nite, I had the ATLversion of my video release party and it really blew my mind(!) because I only had four days to promote and yet was able to pull off a packed house!! I had an epiphany too because my whole fanbase seems to be Entreprenuers, Winners, and…Gorgeous women. It was a reeeeeally hi-quality audience.

I mean, people came to check out the video and my show, but because there were so many winners in the house it turned into a full-fledged networking event!! We had music execs, business owners, internet entreprenuers, brand managers, models, actresses, DJ’s, reality TV stars, producers, talk show hosts, bankers, photographers, bloggers, etc etc etc… Shouts out to Kat Crosby, DTLR, SUGADOLL AGENCY MODELS, DJ Dibiase and the venue, Slice- my video-release party literally had everything except a proper way to display a video– hahaaaHAHAAAAhaaa!!

So for those who missed the party completely, and those who were there but couldnt HEAR what was going on… Here’s my debut video- it’s called “FREEDOM” (#11 on my debut project, Business Is Good) and at the end it switches to a record called “HUSSLA” (#19)… eNJOY..(and please leave comments telling me what u think and if u know my music, what video we should shoot next…)



7 tips for motivating employees

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Soooo.. alot of times the records i do are centered around motivating yourself. #ChampionSound or #UcanDoItMusic is mostly about revving up the single most important person to your dream. You…

HOWEVER, any CEO knows that employee motivation is a key to individual performance, group productivity, and maintaining a pleasant company culture. Teamwork makes the dreamwork, right? So how do you do it exactly? For a dose of inspiration on how to motivate those who work for you, here are the best recent pointers on the subject from articles published in Inc. magazine and on

HahaaaaHAAAhaaa thas a f#@$d up poster, rite? The second they feel like a slave is the minute yr company is about to start losing. Trust that. I hope the following tips help….

1. Set a Good Example.

Remember that your attitude is contagious. Kevin Plank, founder of Under Armour, an apparel company located in Baltimore, says that communication is key to making members of your company’s team feel including in major decisions. “I listened to everyone’s opinions, and, without fail, they’d bring up things I hadn’t thought of. More important, my team members knew that they were part of the process and that their voices mattered,” he told Inc. “Employees are more motivated when they feel needed, appreciated, and valued.” Plank also recommends hiring employees who have great leadership skills. At his company, he calls these natural leaders “engines,” and peppers them strategically around the organization.

2. Focus on Employee Happiness Rather Than Employee Motivation.

Zappos is often hailed as the most employee-friendly business out there. But, perks aside, what really keeps the workers there motivated? When Inc.’s Max Chafkin last interviewed Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh in Las Vegas, he discovered that what Hsieh really cares about is making Zappos’s employees and customers feel really, really good. In fact, he’s decided that his entire business revolves around happiness. Chafkin writes: “Zappos’s approach to workplace bliss differs significantly from that of other employee-friendly businesses. For one thing, Zappos pays salaries that are often below market rates – the average hourly worker makes just over $23,000 a year. Though the company covers 100 percent of health care costs, employees are not offered perks found at many companies, such as on-site child care, tuition reimbursement, and a 401(k) match. Zappos does offer free food to its employees, but the pile of cold cuts in the small cafeteria loses its allure faster than you can say Googleplex. Instead of buying his employees’ loyalty, Hsieh has managed to design a corporate culture that challenges our conception of that tired phrase.”

3. Make Sure Employees Share in the Company’s Success.

Employee performance, productivity, and motivation can all be tied to how invested a worker feels in his or her company. That’s what makes profit sharing such a powerful tool – especially when the company is consistently successful. Sue Holloway, an expert in compensation at WorldatWork, a human resources organization focused on employee benefits, told that the objective of a profit sharing plan “is to foster employee identification with the organization’s success.” By implementing such a program, the CEO is saying, “We’re all in this together, and everybody’s focused on profit,” Holloway says.
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Kobe Bryant, The Utah Jazz fans and Thought vs Feeling…

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The second song on my debut album is a song i recorded with a guy named Hedrush (The Roots, Dead Prez, etc) called “GodSpeed”. In this record i coin the phrase “G.O.D.” as an acronym for Goal Over Distraction because to me believing in GOD is a serious key to life.

Someone asked Marilyn vos Savant (person with highest IQ ever measured) what the relationship between thought and feeling was, she replied “..feeling is what you get for thinking the way you do..”

Now Kobe knows those pics were a reeeeally bad play, but if you were number 24 and had to face an assault from your haters like this.. would the pressure burst your pipes or turn ya coal into diamonds..’? How would your thoughts process the circumstances? Well – Kobe Bryant is the first player ever to string together five consecutive 30-point games in playoffs against the Jazz. Now whether he did it in spite of or BECAUSE of these haters.. we’ll never be sure. I have my thoughts though… or is that feelings? lol

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“At our best, we are all teachers..” -Maya Angelou

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