Lizard Brain: why MOST are so creative but so FEW are successful.

Seth Godin: Quieting the Lizard Brain from 99% on

Marketing. Genius.

Please click the above link. This guy Seth Godin is the bestselling author of ten books. Most of which could easily change your life. He writes about marketing, the spread of ideas and managing both customers and employees with respect. What i love about the following 18min is that he explains, in the most simple terms i’ve ever heard, exactly why you BS yourself out of success- over and over again.. Here’s a quick synopsis:

Thrashing: The idea that the bigger a project gets, and the closer you get to shipping- the more ideas, excuses, and confusion come about. Seth’s concept is that “thrashing” must happen, but it must happen at the beginning. It’s cheap in the beginning, but very expensive rite before it’s time to “ship”. Amatuers ignore this. The successful companies adopt a “speak early or shut-UP” philosophy.

Creating vs Shipping: The secret to shipping on time and on budget is that when u run out of time or u run out of money: you ship! If you do, you get to ship again- and of course, you’ll get better. What you do for a living isnt ‘be creative’ EVERYONE’S CREATIVE- what you do for a living is ‘ship’.

Lizard Brain: Chickens, Dinosaurs, squirrels& even humans at the fetus stage, all have this similar peanut sized-brain that’s whole function is being: Hungry, Scared, Selfish and Horny (it rules High School). Every-SINGLE-TIME you’re finished the album, the proposal, the manuscript, or the business plan the lizard brain speaks up and says “Lets watch this last episode of___ there may be some ideas i can add” or “Don’t do it- they’re gonna laugh at you” etc. It’s also the part of your brain that creates these AWESOME lists of (very valid) excuses. It’s what it’s designed to do.

Evolution: limbic system, neo-cortex comes next if u look at a human baby ultrasound: (how do i share,how do i be loyal, how do i connect?). Then above that: how do i break status quo and find a cooler way to do something? We all love living at the higher frequencies but to do it takes shutting lizard brain off.

Sheep vs Lizards: People love jobs because following someone’s instructions is the easiest (but not best!) way to shut your lizard brain down. There’s no fear, u wont get fired, u get a paycheck, etc. It stays quiet all day long. Until you get home. Then depression, unhealthy habits, bitterness, etc starts to kick in because you aren’t being your true Godly self (my words not his lol).

Balloon Theory: He quotes Steven Pressfield (The War of ART- incredible book!) on the concept of resistance with the example of blowing up a balloon. The laws of physics say when you attempt to blow up a balloon, the most difficulty comes with the first two breaths(getting started!), the percentage change in latex gets smaller& smaller with each breath you use so of course it gets CRAZY easier after that..

Turns out it’s not about ideas; it’s about making ideas happen! Hope this helps… Hope this helps me! lol



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  1. Thanks a lot for writing “Lizard Brain: why MOST are so creative but so FEW
    are successful. HaZiQ=MCeo :-$”. I personallymay certainly wind up
    being coming back for far more browsing and commenting here soon.
    Thanks a lot, Emma

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