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Charles Schwab learns easiest time management trick EVER!

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...least he tryin tho...

Charles Schwab, President of Bethlehem Steel, and the same name you know today as one of the leading investment houses, paid Ivy Lee $25,000 for this time management techniques benefits over 100 years ago. If it was worth so much to Schwab, don’t you think its worth learning too?
I’m going to share this time management technique with you the same way I learned it….through a story.

Around 100 years ago, Charles Schwab, president of Bethlehem Steel, wanted to increase his own efficiency, and of the management team at the steel company. Ivy Lee, a well-known efficiency expert of the time, approached Mr. Schwab, and made a proposition Charles Schwab could not refuse:

Ivy Lee: “I can increase your people’s efficiency – and your sales – if you will allow me to spend fifteen minutes with each of your executives.”

Charles Schwab: “How much will it cost me?”

Ivy Lee: “Nothing, unless it works. After three months, you can send me a check for whatever you feel it’s worth to you.”

Charles Schwab: “It’s a deal.”

The following day, Ivy Lee met with Charles Schwab’s management executives, spending only ten minutes with each in order to tell them:
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My new favorite car.

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MAJOR fail if this joint STILL aint win the car show...

…Yeah not jus gold but Solid gold. well solid-gold coated, bout 40 pounds of it… but why is the hood dented? maybe cuz its 40 POUNDS of gold on the lightweight sports car chassis that lets a porshe 911 be as fast as it is? What a

With that said- I WOULD love to have this in my garage…

How to get a RECORD DEAL f/E1 Ent. (formerly known as Koch)

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Because FANS are the new record label...

Now the above is NOT what alot of you wanted to see.. I already know…. But the bottom line is, in today’s music biz, you can either go with this type of strategy… or u can go with the following…
This was literally sent to “someone” real close to us here at OrganizedRhyme/SkyRepublic via Koch Records. annnnd they were dead serious….
LMAOOOOOOOOO….. welcome to the NEW record biz.

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My new favorite house… (keepin it underground)

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Ya’ll seen Book of Eli? Its a tale set in a post-apocalyptic world thats DEFinitely comin if these idiots keep playin wit these buttons man… &this could be the only way to survive…

SeARCH and Christian Muller Architects teamed up to create a stunning underground residence in the Swiss village of Vals. Let’s call it nuclear fallout shelter-chic..

:-$ Enjoy…

We've come a lonnng way from Harriet Tubman and the gang..

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Using the Homeless as ad space: Exploitation or Entreprenuership?

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Millionaire 101: Multiple Revenue Streams...

I love the fact this guy is still holding his original “I’m homeless” sign at the same time….

According to, movie producer David Permut paid a veteran named Ronald to hold a poster for Youth in Revolt, a film released last Friday, that Permut produced.

Now, i dont know when u last priced a billboard… but them joints is no joke when it comes to cost. I feel like this is America at it’s best- ingenuity, supply, demand, and win/win. Whaddyu think tho?


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