10 easy ways to write waaay better songs.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned songwriter, a rap artist from hell or a singer from heaven- free songwriting game always helps as composing is something to work on constantly, perfecting your abilities to emotionally connect with your audience through music and lyrics.

Successful songwriting aint easy – though its our job to make it look that way (see 48 laws of power). However, nearly everyone has the ability to write songs.

So, here you have ten basic ways :-$

1. Practice makes perfect, so songwriting tip number one would be to dedicate some time each day to composing songs. You don’t need to create a whole new song – just a few lines will suffice. But, make sure you practice daily. Action brings inspiration, it aint vice-versa.

2. Listen constantly to popular songs and work out what, exactly, makes these songs successful. Study their strengths and techniques. Learn from them and apply their good points to your own compositions.

3. Before starting on any song, decide who your target audience is and the type of compositions they will relate to, then make sure both lyrics and melody can be understood by them and will appeal to them. Your main aim will be to connect emotionally with your audience. NOT “BE CLEVER”

Knock em dead!

4. Although you should work hard at your songwriting, enjoy it too! Remember that music and lyrics are art forms, so don’t let composing become an unwelcome chore, otherwise your creative juices are sure to disappear. Concentrate on pouring out your passions and emotions, rather than thinking about the money.

5. Use your own life experiences as inspiration for your songs. It’s always better to write about something you, personally, know about. And use nature, art, or simply listening to other songs to relax and open your mind and get your creative juices working.

6. Always carry a notebook or a voice recorder with you so you can jot down those ideas which pop into your head at the most unusual times.

7. Keep your lyrics short and crisp, for you normally only have around 3 to 4 minutes to get your message across. Use the verse to tell your story, making the chorus something repetitive which listeners will remember.

8. Don’t under-rate the importance of your song’s title for it’s the soul of your song, telling your audience what your composition is about. Make it catchy, appealing, and easy to remember. (#WuTangMuch?)

9. Avoid overuse of clichés. Instead, take well-known words and phrases, turning them round and using them in new and novel ways.

10. Don’t be afraid to tweak your original song until you feel in your heart it’s just as it should be.

I’d add to this that Stephen King once said in his book “On writing” that if u aint got time to read, u aint got time to write… now HE wasnt thinkin of Kanye or Lil wayne (both self-proclaimed “non-readers”) when he said that but hey….

These came from this cat..
Tor Jakobsen is the owner of Songwriting-Guide.com, a website dedicated to teaching you how to become a successful composer. http://www.songwriting-guide.com.


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