Daymond John & The Shark Tank

You probably don’t watch alot of TV and i totally support it. Most of it is mindless drivel designed to amuse (stop musing, ie stop thinking, ie idiot box LOL!) With that said, You-will-love-this-show! It is absolutely the best series on tv since the first seasons of another Mark Burnett creation (Survivor anyone?) “The Apprentice”.

An absolute study on an abridged pitch process where you get to not only see the venture capitalist “sharks” either eviscerate ‘contestants’ for having the gall to be so unprepared or delusional… You also get to see A-type personalities and what happens when they all get to react to the same stimuli.

The inventors and businessmen who’ve appeared have come in all creeds, sizes and colors, and it’s just great, great tv. The lone lady on the show, Elizabeth, seems to be the most aggressive, optimistic, and therefore successful with the model as it seems every update the producers show is another Elizabeth story where she went for someone’s pitch, changed their life with the investment figure they asked for (if not the percentage- but you’ll understand after you watch..) and now is participating in yet another fruitful business relationship.

This snippet though, is from Daymond John the powerful, powerful brother who helped creat urban fashion as we know it. He has various brands, but of course, the two most famous would be FUBU and Coogi. Check this out.. Terrance J from 106 and park is asking the questions… and dont miss season two!


2 Responses to “Daymond John & The Shark Tank”

  1. othersidemedia Says:

    Yo I agree totally. I admit I’ve been sleeping on reality shows for a minute but I was waiting every week for the next episode. Didn’t miss one. Like you said it’s a quick hard lesson in giving a pitch. What to do, and what to do to get your ass handed back to you. But did you see ol’ boy from I think the 7th episode, with the personalized energy bars? Dude was a beast in the negotiations. I was taking notes. Good post.

  2. I never thanked you for introducing me to Shark Tank I LOVE THE SHOW!!! This was a great post to hearing the commentary.

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