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The 5 deadly sins of most Business Plans

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An economic downturn is a great time to start a business.

It sounds paradoxical, but think about it. Costs are lower, and more talent is available, thanks to layoffs. Prospective clients are more likely to try a new supplier who can help them cut costs or increase their competitiveness. Established players, too, are focused on cutting costs instead of increasing market share.

All of this helps clear the way for the next venture with the better mousetrap but only if the entrepreneur can write a clear and convincing business plan. Anything less is heading straight for the bin. Because, let’s face it, the intended recipients of such business plans investors and lenders, family and friends, anyone with capital to invest in the project are all much more wary of risk now in these turbulent times.

Truth be told, most business plans fail to make much impression on potential investors. Most aren’t even read in full. Their shortcomings tend to be obvious even in a two-page executive summary, largely because they are written before enough real work has been done to create a solid foundation…
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Billionaire Branson’s top20 Inspirational Insights

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Hi world, I run you.

These are quotes from one of my favorite entreprenuers, the irreverent Sir Richard Branson (yes, he has been knighted- among other wildly varying feats)..

For those of you who dont know, Billionare Branson is maybe one of the closest we have to a modern day Ben Franklin. Definitely a rennaissance man for the ages…record stores,record labels,airlines, he’s now planning the first commercial space voyages, etc etc..


His team at Virgin put together this list of his musings.. Enjoy.
I think my fave is #16 (though his mom would be a felon in 2009)…
and #4 (which i think he got from a Gucci mane song hahaaaahaaaHAAhaa)

20. ‘A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts.’

19. ‘I’ve had great fun turning quite a lot of different industries on their head and making sure those industries will never be the same again, because Virgin went in and took them on.’

18. ‘Although my spelling is still sometimes poor, I have managed to overcome the worst of my difficulties through training myself to concentrate.’
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100 greatest quotes from HBO’s “The Wire”

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Legendary era of television represented right here. Enjoy :-$

10 Tips for getting more followers on Twitter

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My favorite song is by the Jackson 5...

You have to admit, the speed with which Twitter gained global consciousness was nothing short of breath-taking. One moment it seemed noone had heard of it, the very next it was omnipresent. Canadian Police recently caught a guy they were looking for by following him on Twitter!

The thing about something that gets that big that quick tho- its easy to lose sight of it’s/your purpose-i.e. how it can actually help you.
Twitter works like a great metaphor for how anything in life can be used to either your benefit or your detriment- it shows you that there are many,many ways to play the game. Its also a great way to teach yourself about service and how its the key to getting EVERYTHING you want in life, (including more followers lol).

One thing this guy Marcelo Levin says that i love is:
“It doesn’t matter what you do, what industry you are in or how big (or small) your company is, you should be on Twitter engaging with new leads, checking out what your competition is doing and finding out what people are saying about you and your company.”

Elsewhere on the blog i have a list of apps that’re awesome but my addition to this list would be to immediately get yourself a free app like Hootsuite and get yourself a couple good keyword searches going that apply to people looking for your type of product or service.. What else would you add to Mr Levin’s list?

Tip #10 – Provide useful and value added information.
No one really cares if you are drinking coffee now, if your kids just left for school or if you have a headache. Twitter is about providing tips, customer service and useful information that people can use on a daily basis. For example, if you are a photographer, provide daily tips on shooting better photographs. If you are a mechanic, provide daily tips on how to keep your car maintained properly. Providing these tidbits (in under 140 characters of course) that people can walk away with and use daily will keep you and your services in their mind space, and soon, you’ll be able to convert those leads into customers when they need your services.

Tip #9 – Listen to people first.
Like every cocktail party, if you walk up to someone and immediately tell them everything about yourself and what you sell, they will be turned off. In the Twitterverse, this is exactly the same. Don’t jump in and start “selling”. Listen to what people in your industry are doing and what they are looking for. Then jump in and provide useful information, but only if it adds value (see the tip #10).

Tip #8 – Participate in conversations.
After you’ve listened to people and understand what they like (and not like), jump in and start new conversations and participate in current conversations by adding your expertise. Answer as many questions as possible. Be honest and be passionate about what you offer. The effort you put in now to nurture these relationships will come back to you as business.
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Haziq and Lil Wayne (Vans remix)

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Good game from Dan Weisman…Wale’s manager…

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Wale' with Weisman

If you ask me, this guy- along with his oRIGINAL “discover-er” Kenny Burns, are the WHOLE reason that we know of this kid… This interview is old (shouts to HipHopGame) but its STILL relevant and powerful..

You manage Wale, who has an album coming out in September through Mark Ronson’s Allido Records and Interscope. Is everything working out for Wale the way you pictured it happening when you started managing him three years ago?

Everything worked exactly how I sort of imagined it to work because, you know, so often in life you have the best laid plans that don’t exactly pan out and it’s just one of those things. So often in life you get sidetracked by life itself and to actually go and do something, to have a clear idea of where you want to bring it and then to have pretty much everything connect and fall in line the way that you imagined it to, it’s just really, it’s kind of a beautiful thing and if you can sort of model your life and everything that comes after that, to me it seems like you can have a pretty happy life.

When you and Wale were starting out together, what’s the most effective thing you guys did to make people take you seriously?

I think trying to elevate him against the rest of the pack. This was three years ago so we’re not even talking about Kid Cudi or Drake. I’m talking about the people that were popping when I first started managing Wale, like Huey and Jibbs and that sort of stream of artists who I like and Unk and that kind of stuff. I like those kind of people but when Wale came out, he was doing something so completely different that it was hard for people to wrap their head around it because he started out really as a regional artist and then we kind of took it away from there and kind of tried to bring an international angle to it and his association with Mark Ronson definitely helped. I think it helped that we were doing the opposite of what everyone else was doing at the time helped us gain some attention and him being in D.C. and me being in L.A., I had a completely different perspective on everything that he was doing and I could tell him if he did this, that would happen. People in D.C. might not appreciate the magnitude of it right of the bat but it would benefit him long term. If you listen to what was popping back then, you don’t even remember some of those people now and look at Wale. He’s being anticipated as one of the best new hip-hop artists out and I think his album is a classic. It’s been a steady rise over the past three years. It hasn’t been a meteoric rise and then a fall from grace and to me, that’s a lot better because he definitely has a career ahead of him.

At any point did you feel you made a mistake signing to Mark Ronson’s Allido Records?
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40 inspiring movie speeches in 2minutes..

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The trick with this one is u gotta listen like it’s alllll one speech… Lol I didn’t get it at first…