Nas on Derrion Albert w/ CNN’s Don Lemon

Two things are sorta striking to me here:
1) The weird smirk he has on the whole time.. the whole time, and
2) With due respect to whoever posted this originally, he does not sound brilliant here, he sounds like an idiot. Not Cam’ron-on-60minutes-stupid, no, but that “being-a-rapper-is-the-one-place-you-get-power-with-NO-responsibility” argument is sooooo lame nowadays… and Nas knows this if noone else does.. thats probably why he’s holding back laughter- that and the fact they start with a clip from one of the wackest- and least reresentative- songs of his career…

Whatever tho- guess he WAS better than some of the others they couldve had as reps for hiphop on this nat’l platform… What do you think? How did he do here?


3 Responses to “Nas on Derrion Albert w/ CNN’s Don Lemon”

  1. Glad you caught this interview. I think a lot of people missed it. The thing is that while Nas’ answers weren’t the best, like you stated, the interview was slanted from the beginning. CNN used a few basic media and PR tricks to set this up that essentially were designed to make Nas look like an ass. I broke down the situation on a post on my site. Check it out if you’re interested in media criticism. Keep it movin’. -k

  2. pridenpurpose Says:

    With so much depth that may come out of Nas’ anthology he’s not the most articulate brother in the world. When he’s put on such a platform you can really tell he’s the product of an eighth grade ghetto education. CNN most certainly had an agenda with the equally tired argument “Does music provoke the youth to commit acts of violence?” Conversely, it would’ve been more difficult for them to get that across if they didn’t have the ammunition of such a bad song (in quality as well as subject matter lol) from an even more horrible album.

  3. This is typical media propelled ignorance. Chicago is older than hip hop. That’s where gangs come from. Get at Oprah silly ass for ignoring the problem completely. Then you play “shoot ’em up” when there were no guns and ask him do you believe your music influenced the event. Come on man, do they even listen to Nas in Chicago? Do you think he has more of an audience then Mr. Hoover? Let’s be realistic. You can’t infer that he is a hypocrite without taking on the title yourself. If it wasn’t a sensational race based story it wouldn’t have made the air. Then they send a wafer to do the bit. Sun can’t even read. It has nothing to do with Hip Hop + everything to do with the overly aggressive nature of this Country. Even when the musicians were talking about ending Vietnam, those who benefitted from the war still called them junkies + communists. So what’s changed? How is this going to change things? It won’t. Mission accomplished. Again.

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