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50 cent new video “Crime Wave”

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Genius. 4…3…2…. this is my countdown til u all hop back on his saks bandwagon..

Here’s one helluva inteview 50 did with the BBC in London where he discusses fear, gays, and his new book.


60 minutes admits Swine Flu is a Hoax !?!

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They only showed this once in 1976- then the footage disappeared.. curiouser and curiouser…

Pleeeease pay attention people.

Swine Flu 1976 & Propaganda
by Dianequiose-4

HaZiQ live in concert

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This show kind of stuck out to me cuz it was the official 1st time i really noticed my album must be spreadin around! Folk really knew the words! That is SUCH a great feeling- you have no idea… You notice it a little with the first two records i did- but by the time i got to the 3rd song mannnn…. then by the 4th record the live band gets involved and its officially a memory for the ages…(‘course i could be biased lol)

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Nas on Derrion Albert w/ CNN’s Don Lemon

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Two things are sorta striking to me here:
1) The weird smirk he has on the whole time.. the whole time, and
2) With due respect to whoever posted this originally, he does not sound brilliant here, he sounds like an idiot. Not Cam’ron-on-60minutes-stupid, no, but that “being-a-rapper-is-the-one-place-you-get-power-with-NO-responsibility” argument is sooooo lame nowadays… and Nas knows this if noone else does.. thats probably why he’s holding back laughter- that and the fact they start with a clip from one of the wackest- and least reresentative- songs of his career…

Whatever tho- guess he WAS better than some of the others they couldve had as reps for hiphop on this nat’l platform… What do you think? How did he do here?