Our first book club title is………

One of the bestselling books of all time... and for good reason.

One of the bestselling books of all time... and for good reason.

Welcome to the #Twitter4WinnersBookClub !!
Most of these books, as our title suggests, are going to be about personal and business development, and our first is a perfect example of how often the two intersect.

This classic has changed many, many lives (not the least of whom is Warren Buffett, who effusively praises the book for its effect on his life as a lad) and now its our turn. When we’re done I promise you’re going to know the following:
The 6 strongest ways to make people like you…
The 12 ways to win people to your way of thinking…
&The 9 leadership tactics that change people without arousing resentment or offense.

This first title in this 4chapter book we’re going to split up into two sections. The first section (115 pages or so- its nothing!) will cover chapter one: fundamental techniques in handling people and chapter two: six ways to make people like you… You’re gonna love it! If you wanna join the book club make sure you hit me on twitter. Below are the details on how we split the books up, how often we meet, how/why we interact, etc.

I figured the best way to explain the concept to all of us who’ve never been in a book club is with the “5 W’s”. So here we go… if u have any additional questions, let me know either here or on Twitter.

You can figure that one out i bet…

WHY a book club (for twitter@ THAT)?
There are so many reasons- they can be an excellent way to enjoy books more and challenge your mind, they can also encourage you to read more, or to read books that you might not’ve normally chosen. In short, most people join a book club, or start their own, in order to have fun, make friends, stimulate the brain cells and meet like minded people! The like-minded people we’re looking to attract are those who are specifically interested in developing the business, creative and personal development sides of themselves. The reason we’re doing it on Twitter is that it obviously means we can all participate wherever we are in the world with no worries, limitations, or boundaries. It also means that we’ll all have ways and means to interact with each other on twitter about something other than the minutia of the day. (at least once every two weeks lol.) **plus- for all my fellow artists.. Stephen King once said ‘if u dont have time to read, u dont have time to write…’**

WHAT is #Twitter4WinnersBookClub (or #T4WBC)?

This is basically exactly what it sounds like. A book club with a specific focus on matters of winning. Either at life, at business, or with matters of self-expression. We will always come up with the next selections as a group, and allow everyone to vote for the next they’d like to read as a group. Since our group has already grown kind of sizeable. Here are some particulars…

*I will moderate, which means I will help start off the discussions with specific questions designed to see what weve learned and how we can absorb it into our lives

*You can participate in two ways. 1)you can send all your responses, comments and questions to me, and i can RT them for you, or 2) you can post them and use a #hashtag (google hashtag and all will become clear) so everyone can search out all tweets related to our topic.
large group can work but needs to be run on a more ‘formal’ basis in order to be sure that the conversation stays on track and everybody gets a chance to contribute.

*Everyone involved is quite busy (or you wouldnt be a winner) yet quite committed to adapting and absorbing this info into our lives (or you wouldnt be a winner lol)- so we’ll sometimes split books into sections and we’ll always pay attention to keeping the necessary time-commitment minimal.

WHEN will we “meet up”?

Every 1st and 3rd Monday evening at 7pm, #T4Wbc will commence.

WHO is invited?
Our purpose is simply to gather with the like-minded to gain inspiration, information, and relationships that can help u acheive your dreams. If that’s you- welcome!


3 Responses to “Our first book club title is………”

  1. Looking forward to the book club Ziq!!!

  2. Er'c Funk Says:

    I’m with it… Going to get the book today. I read this a while back and I can use this book club to for motivation to read it again. I can’t wait for the conversation about this book… Stay with it ‘Ziq.

  3. Funny. I started reading this book years ago at Kelvin’s…I never finished it…that probably was your book the whole time? 🙂

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