It’s all about (being like) Benjamin baby…!

Born Jan. 17th 1706 Died April 17th 1790

Born Jan. 17th 1706 Died April 17th 1790

Ben Franklin-A true renaissance man& a genius in the truest sense of the word. I haven’t finished his bio yet but there are more than a couple reasons why Im going to. What can u say about a guy who invented the lightning rod, the swim fins, bifocals, the Franklin stove, and the odometer (of which he even gave one to Thomas Jefferson- how do you invent an odometer?)

I don’t know if it’s my passion for service or too much watching Shark Tank (the ABC show which focuses on inventors, their business models, and the VC’s they pitch to for funding) but im obssesed with inventing something before its said and done. I have SO many ideas, and hey- if not me, who, right?

Well I jus wanted to let you guys know about this dude because, aside from Leonardo DaVinci, I cant imagine who has had a greater impact on our society today. Some of the things he created, i simply cant imagine life without. Did you know the following?

He was wealthy and ‘retired’ by age 42 from his printing business, but he was far from finished. He even had the first ‘twitter’ with his “Poor Richards Almanac” from which he reached tens of thousands with his sage advice and weather predictions for farmers.

Never tired of doing good, indeed committed to doing good every day (see his daily log below) he invented everything from sanitation to fire departments. He founded the first lending library and founded the hospital when he saw the sick. He even founded a university- oh yeah and in between all that he helped design our COUNTRY. He signed both the Declaration of Independence AND the Constitution. He also found time to have a looooootssss of fun- but u can research that on ur own…

I only mention it to point out that, everything has to be invented. Languages, artforms, computers, paintings, radios, blogs, facebook, twitter, buildings, instruments- everything! nothing just exists in its natural state, its up to us…

How is it these guys could do all this before we even had computers? It’s almost an argument against evolution… Are we getting dumber? Well you and me arent of course, but are they…? LOL
-HaZiQ :-$

Ben Franklin's daily schedule, getting mine on point NOW

Ben Franklin's daily schedule, getting mine on point NOW


3 Responses to “It’s all about (being like) Benjamin baby…!”

  1. I think that what happened is that these guys invented all of the basic stuff…so now we have the building blocks of technology, if you will, courtesy of these great thinkers. Now in the 21st century, in order to create something meaningful, you have to study and learn all of these building blocks in form of the contributions of others to know what works what wont work and why…which is why average, ordinary, non-engineering people in our age do not often invent things randomly (although of course if does happen). Not to mention that they have the comforts of modern man pretty much covered.

    I too used to dream of inventing something meaningful…but since i have no interest in engineering, I have been discouraged…perhaps I will watch this show u were talking about..Good Luck!!

  2. Benjamin Franklin had a remarkable impact in so many ways, including technological innovations in science. A Benjamin Franklin article just received the ‘Top 100 Electricity Blogs’ Award

  3. Was just thinking of ole Ben and all his contributions — just watching Pawn Shop and historian reviewed Ben’s $ paper money. Never knew this — he was instrumental in creating paper money conterfeit proof! He imprinted a “leaf” onto the paper during printing — it’s impossible to ‘copy’ Mother Nature’s imprint. Hence — here we are! Is this one magnificantly brilliant man, or what??? If I could meet any one person of the past, I believe it would have to be good ‘ole Ben. THX–great article.

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