Of adaptation, men & mouse-eating plants.

When they filmed this (really ill) video there were 76 species of Pitcher-plant, the particular meat-eating plant that has now started to grow so abnormally big, it’s eating rats & such (click here), there are now 78. They began eating meat because the enviroment is either too highly competitive for a small plant to get it’s proper nutrients- OR the soil is so “impoverished” there are just none to be had…. This world is sooo cool.

Here’s a quick video of the one you’ve heard of- the venus flytrap… again, treat yourself- its dope!

I also find it pretty inspiring that, as long as you learn from your enviroment, you can continue to adapt, evolve and improve- no matter WHAT the rules say. You CAN switch to being a predator, even if you started off as prey- I mean it’s a meat-eating plant! Now dont get me wrong, some of you are just food. We are an eco-system, and we all depend on each other for the soil on which we toil, true enough- but SUM of you are just food. That IS your role in the food chain. That IS how you help. This isnt for you… this post is a message to the prey who feels himself changing and evolving. This is for the ones who enjoy letting off life-giving oxygen, and shade from the heat… listen, we gotta eat too!


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