Jobless grad sues college!

B.S. -The only degree this school should offer
B.S. -The only degree this school should offer

Trina Thompson filed a lawsuit last week against Monroe College in Bronx Supreme Court. The 27-year-old is seeking the $70,000 she spent on tuition. She claims she’s been unable to find gainful employment since she graduated with an information technology degree in April. She further claims the school hasn’t provided her with the career coaching and job leads it promised. A spokesman for the school says the suit is without merit.

I have to say — I love this lawsuit. Of course she can’t win, and I suspect it’ll get dismissed, but it’s fantastic to see our nation’s college grads learning to think outside the box. Why go from fruitless interview to fruitless interview in the middle of a recession when you can just sue your college? Brilliant. There’s some hope for this country afterall. -Zelda Lilly
I wonder what that dude who yells at you to get off your couch and apply has to say about this? I personally KNEW those schools had to mostly be fulla crap, then again- u get out whacha put in, dontcha? -HaZiQ

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