Quincy Jones: Heartless or Real?

MJ, Quincy, and some dude i cant remember...

MJ, Quincy, and some dude i cant remember...

We all know Quincy Jones. He produced pretty much every record you REally know from the King of POP (rip). I mean he not only did “Thriller”, he did “We Are The World” which probably sold like 70million (& no they did NOT give the publishing checks to AfriCare or USaid LMAO) before it was done..

He’s being called irreverent, heartless, callous, unfeeling and every other adjective under the sun except ‘hurt’.
I wholeheartedly disagree that he was being mean. I guess i can just tell the difference (like i said yesterday lol) between a yes-man and a true friend who’s doesnt need him for anything, isnt jealous of him, doesnt secretly want him to fail, and is in fact disgusted with the level his friend allowed himself to sink to. Plus, to be honest, last time i met Mr Jones he seemed old enough to not give a warm muthaf%$# what u may think..

What do you think though? Click here-for one helluva interview- was this hate or love?

Here’s Mike & Lionel Richie accepting that “We Are The World” acclaim… Plus Mike CRUSHIN the Grammy stage…


4 Responses to “Quincy Jones: Heartless or Real?”

  1. Cee Jay Says:

    It’s really difficult to judge how Quincy felt. But I believe that he cared about Michael as his little brother. When he was asked how he felt about Michael’s facial transition he was very blunt about it and indicated in so many words that he had spoken with Michael on that issue. So, there was nothing to hide with that conversation.

    Quincy just seems to be down to earth. And he just shared how he felt about some of the things Michael was going through. When asked how he felt about Michael’s death he replied, “it’s more than that. It’s way more than that. It hurts my soul, man. It’s just a lump down there.” I guess that speaks for itself.

    I know that we all did not like the way Michael changed his face, because we all viewed him beautiful the way he was. However, we still loved him and respected him for the loving and caring person he was and the musical artistic genius that he shared with the world.

    Michael will forever remain in our hearts. Miss you my brother!

  2. I really appreciate you posting access to this interview. Quincy Jones shines a pragmatic light on this sensational event. In the spectacle of the media handling of this loss, it is easy to forget that MJ was just a man with the same problems that many men face. We forget that he had friends who loved him for who he was, and not what the American Media Machine turned him into.

    It was great to hear from someone who can put this death into perspective: people die, and he is not the only one ever in the history of the world to die. We will be okay without him. It’s okay…

    BTW I heard your verse on the “Death Of Autotune” remix!!! Hot Hot Hot!! Keep blazin’ em

  3. For your information the guy to the right is Bruce Swedien. He’s one of the greatest audio engineers ever!

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