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Joe Jackson JUS mite be a demon….

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Look at his eyes, those white teeth- who else has teeth like that besides demons?
LOL and seriously, can u seem a LITTLE down-in-the-dumps dude? Do you have to seem like a dude who playin it cool cuz he just hit the lotto? And when they ask if you have anything else you’d like to say to the people all across the world that look at you as the patriarch for this pop-culture dynasty- which has just lost an irreperable peice of its soul- can u WAIT a sec before you plug your new record label?

Also, Michael Jackson’s body is being viewed Friday.. click HERE…&start camping out now if yr on the West Coast…


12 celebrity (would-be) pornstars… & the $ offers they got…

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Jenna Jameson: Pregnant w/ twins (Hold the jokes-We've heard em all)

Jenna Jameson: Pregnant w/ twins (Hold the jokes-We've heard em all)

Since this is a blog about Art & Business and most of you will agree that there are few places art and business mesh for more impact than in the multi-billion dollar world of porn… With that said… click here.

Michael Jordan’s son Quits Basketball.

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Scary?....or just scared?

Scary?....or just scared?

What does this tell us about winning? Do you think it was pressure? Did it have more to do with the fact that he didn’t love basketball like his dad? Is it all the pre-marital sex responsibility he has because his pops is famous? And while we’re on the subject, why is it that the children of the wealthy blow thru their money in a fraction of the time it takes their parents & grandparents to make it? How do you create more of what Donald Trump or Sam Walton has with their kids?

Click here for the story…