National Architecture&Engineering Coalition head claims 9/11 was controlled demolition- on a FOX morning show!

u gotta see the ladys face when he’s done talking… Richard Gage is no conspiracy theorist and neither am I. But something smells like a scam (I never thought about it, but the fact the 3rd building fell alone…). Sorta figured this fit because in terms of making money- NOTHING is better than war. People bought gas masks, water, canned food, extra police shifts, whole new branch of MORE police to pretend they search for boogeymen effectively @the airport, etc etc. SOOOOO much money got generated from this… Lets not even get into the insurance payments due on three buildings like those…
Now, Im no architect (this dude is tho) Im just saying- why wouldnt they? ..&Who is “they” anyway?
Well… do like u do in any case study- ask yourself who’s getting paid…

But who even cares? LOL you know and I know-its waay easier to get mad (&spread info) about Chris Brown and Rihanna….


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