Why 2009 can still be your year. (How-to-go-from-good-to-great)

isnt that what its all about? seriously.

isnt that what its all about? seriously.

The two illest things i got out out of this was:
(A) his contention that there are two ways you break people down in life : 1)Those who paint-by-numbers and 2)those who paint with a blank canvas. His main argument is that using the numbers is safe but you’ll never get a masterpiece unless you use a blank canvas. <—-Chuuch.

&(B) his premise that the game has moved since the very beginning in eras; with the world of entreprenuership 1st being about ideas, to 2nd, the era of businesses, to 3rd, the era of companies (which of course have many businesses), to 4th the new overpowering idea of the brand-as-movement. As in, the mega-companies you see now all dominate with an ethos, an ideal, that plays a role in all their moves. He gives some great examples.
This can be the year that you pick an ideal to act on. Something YOU hold dear that you KNOW is in other people’s best interest! It will change your life & it’s not too late to decide- and the beauty is we all have a few of them! Things we know should be a certain way…if only they could just see… Mine of course, is to get you to start your own business. Not everybody either.. just you. HahaaaaHAAhaa…

This is a pretty good interview with the cat Jim Collins who wrote a book i thought was pretty good “built-to-last” about companies whove prospered more than 30 years. He also wrote a book i thought was incredible called “Good to Great”, here’s his take on how to win in 2009 …(click here or just subscribe already)


3 Responses to “Why 2009 can still be your year. (How-to-go-from-good-to-great)”

  1. I’m starting a non profit called Do U Know Yo Hip Hop? And when I seen you performed I had a urge to tell you about it but you left. I need some help but if your too busy I understand. How about some ideas or something like that . Email me if your interested , Are you performing at the Apache Cafe on Sunday I would like buy your CD

  2. Oh about your topic! I think people are so worried about this so called recession , they’re too afraid to start a bizness. If they stop and think when did they see the economy slow down for the working people. Not Never!!! It time for everyone to start preparing and getting their goals in order so when the economy snaps back your ready!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. great book recommendation, I’m definately ordering this one.

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