HaZiQ @RedLight April 26th!!

^For all my sneaker fiends…I call those the ‘starburst’ Prada’s LOL^

Now i know the flyers are pretty much promising I’ll have advance copies of my cd there. They don’t know that for sure- I dont even know for sure… With that said- “the secret” IS real, so I’m thinking like a champion.

Ok, now here’s a little something for those of you who’ve never heard a HaZiQ record or seen one of my shows.. I hate soundin like im braggin or jus talkin alot about myself so… This is Mike Mo, of M.A.D. studios & his brother Corey Mo- who produced 4 of the UGK songs on their new album. They’re huge in Houston and looking to get busy here too. Now i know I posted the podcast of the radio appearance where the callers were goin crazy over my album snippets &all.. but this is different…

He mastered my project but also mixed& mastered everything from Kanye’ to T.I. to PimpC… He still didnt go ham like he did on the phone but thas what happens when u pull out cameras…lol… cats start doin it for TV- hahaaahaa, i like these dudes tho man, esp that last cat…u gotta love honesty!



One Response to “HaZiQ @RedLight April 26th!!”

  1. damn….mad i cant be at that show….

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