Business, War and The Coolest Animal Fight Ever Taped!

Got a couple minutes? Im about to prove animals talk to each other. What you’re about to see you could compare to business, war or just regular street life- the only difference- all the usual characters are literally animals this time…

Scroll down, Press “Play” and i’ll narrate it for you….

First, you have the little lonely baby water buffalo, foolhardy and too brave for his own good- he’s assuming that HE is the reason he’s safe and enjoying so much success in life. You see, many of his brothers and sisters have already been murdered (fired whatever.) But he feels like it’s HIM who’s kept him prosperous. He owes noone for anything- not his education, not his family and not his crew. It’s time for him to step out on his own….

Next, you have the lions, who see that the little buffalo has started to smell himself. They smell him too.

After that you have the moment of clarity where the buffalo discovers he has not just any enemies HE’s made to watch out for… He has NATURAL enemies. That is- people who wanna take him out because they cant eat unless they do! Here’s the part where its time for the baby- & his entire family- to haul-ass like grownups.

Now, there are enemies you see in the boardroom, the office or the battlefield… and then there are the problems you never see coming. The crocodile would be one of those. Because of the baby lion’s exuberance (&hunger) for accomplishment mistakes were made. Water was splashed a bit too forcefully, you’ve now got witnesses, &other investors want lunch too!

However there’s an old african proverb that goes: often when two fight over a meal, it escapes….

Now comes the part i promised. What, you ask, is so special about what we’ve seen so far? Ok, so they killed a baby buffalo. Happens everyday. So what?

Welllll, quick question. What happened to the buffalo’s family that ran from the lion’s when they first got ambushed& had their little child stolen from them?



One Response to “Business, War and The Coolest Animal Fight Ever Taped!”

  1. Yeah this video really has EVERYTHING in it. The hunted, the two different predators, the fight, the struggle, the almost and the not quite…..really an intense battle of survival with an amazing and unexpected end result cause usually once they got the baby its OVER. Dangerous out there!!


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