Haziq x tabi Bonney @ SportsZone

So they brought us thru to do a New Era event at a lifestyle chain called Sports Zone. The sound sucked wasn’t the best and i warned him his crowd would probably leave after we rocked so he should do his fashion show 1st but, well u know…
So here’s me doing one of the records off my debut album “Business Is Good”… u know how cats talk you
to death bout bein go-getters right before they ask to borrow some money or get a ride somewhere? Ladies, I know u feel me too…In your head u like.. ‘talk all you want, Im jumpin’ in the game!’
Anyway, i wrote a song about it- like to hear it?…

I’m really posting this footage of when we did this back when ‘dope’ first dropped to hopefully inspire you. I remember, we sold alot of tabi’s cd’s that night, but what’s wild is how they were just *looking* at us in this footage- lmao! NOW when we perform this record- they go nuts…. u gotta love progression :-$


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