10 things to do directly after a networking event… (&let’s be honest, what isn’t?)

Your network is your net-worth!

Your network is your net-worth!

We’ve alllllll been there. You go to the event, you meet all types of interesting people, you collect business cards, you have engaging conversations, you like the people- they seemed to like you- THEN YOU GET HOME and the next day your enthusiasm goes down- you tell ya’self you’re going to reach out the next day, then the day after that… before you know it, a month later you come across some business card and cant even remember where you got it. Or WORSE, you DO remember them- and they’ve forgotten YOU!

Here’s how to prevent this sad state of affairs from happening to you…(click here)

And before u begin, lemme jus add to this (shouts out to Tj Chapman) that u should also call the person… email doesn’t always work these days….


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