Haziq discusses his debut album

Business Is Good...

Business Is Good...

Yeah so the time is drawing closer and closer… & while you may be excited- (& I appreciate all of you for the incredible pressure kind words) lemme just share- you aren’t NEARLY as hype as I am…

While helping to run our branding company/ record label: Organized Rhyme / Sky Republic it has always been fun to watch Tabi Bonney and lately even Luegar (google them)put their projects and videos together and rejoice in the reactions we get from everyone… man i gots to tell u tho- it’s quite a different thing when yr doing it yrself. I sometimes feel like alot of this is happening by accident. I definitely never intended to release an album this soon- the plan was always to wait until I had Tabi ALL the way up in the stratosphere… You know what they say about the best laid plans of men tho…

I guess you could say this project has been a labor of love. It may sound corny but I really do love writing, writing songs, inspiring my friends& family (&now my fans- though that word still feels weird to me LOL) and getting messages out there that make people reconsider themselves and their potential and possibilities. I absolutely love it ya’ll… If even a fraction of that comes thru in the music, well- I just cant wait to see what ya’ll think….


One Response to “Haziq discusses his debut album”

  1. Ive been a fan since I saw you perform at Apache almost 5 years ago and bought We Come to Party but we dont Play from you on my way out the door… youre an incredible writer and extremely intelligent (evidenced by your blog and tweets)… Im looking fwd to the album coming out and Ill be sure to get the word out!

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