Obama as foul-mouthed comedian (not an impersonator!)

Thats not the foul-mouthed part, though it is pretty funny esp if u know politics….

No, the potty-mouth part comes when u click the link at the end of this paragraph… If you’ve had occassion to read “Audacity of Hope” or “Dreams of My Father”, congratulations. You are one of the minority who actually still read!!! I must confess Im getting WAY heavier into audiobooks. Welllll, did u know your president won a grammy for the audiobook version of “Dreams of My Father”? Guess what that means? (Oh, yeah- youve never read it…lol….) well, what that means is when he’s re-counting the different passages about his foul-mouthed (also bi-racial) classmate, he CUSSES up a STORM!!! I knew he read it himself but IM SO MAD i didnt do the math and figure out that this meant we’d also get to here a president in rare-form such as we only get to hear in the ‘hoods’…. these little gems are priceless… Enjoy… (& plz try to refrain from making these your ringtones plz- lol this is NOT why we elected a black president). Special shoutout to Brian D Bradford for putting me on to April Winchell who put us all on to the following… Click Here…


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