Haziq on the radio! (includes podcast complete w/album samples)

Yeah the time is drawing closer and closer for my debut album “Business Is Good”… I wont write too much this time because there isnt TOO much i could say that the callers who you’re about to hear on the following podcast wont say for me… some of them sound crazy i will admit but I love the fact that they were all honest about their feelings regarding the different songs i played… Special shout-out to twitterfam ChicaGorilla & Ms Dia of “The Show” lemme know what u guys think too! Click Here!

and if u guys like the radio excerpt from above… here’s a couple of the cover tunes i did….

that was an earlier one- and here’s one from the last event they did… i confess u may notice a pattern to my song choices too…lol…


One Response to “Haziq on the radio! (includes podcast complete w/album samples)”

  1. this man is pure genius…..can’t wait for that album to drop

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