Haziq performs at Almost Famous in SugarHill

I got better footage comin- word to the homie Bloxilla- but at least for those of you who missed it you can get an idea of how we get down in DC via Atlanta…. Shouts out to Kenny Hamilton (95.5 the beat OG) and Moreilley (95.5 the beats’ newest on-air voice) for the intro- and a huge Shout to Verseus Entertainment and 95.5 the beat for all the love and support… If yall dont know, Almost Famous is the premiere showcase in Atlanta for unsigned/independent artists and Im proud to have participated. Thru this event I forged better relationships with and made new fans from- not only all sorts of Twitter fam but DJ Toomp (He now wants to work together- more on that soon I promise), DigiWaxx (shouts to BigYu- i promise I’l get you the joints as soon as we done mixing LOL), Earwax Digital (Chuck Woo the sensei of all things digital), Ozone magazine (shouts to Maurice, Randy, and MsRivercity), Patchwerk Studios and the whole “IdoMusic” family etc etc

I wish yall could’ve seen the shoes too…they really added somn…hopefully the followup footage will show-hol’up this the internet!! You CAN see the shoes…hahaaaahaa

They had to be thinkin of Mile-High Haziq...j/k

They had to be thinkin of Mile-High Haziq...j/k


One Response to “Haziq performs at Almost Famous in SugarHill”

  1. good shit….that nigga is talented….cant wait till that album drop

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