They (don’t) work hard for the money…

Ive always been the type who would get pissed off when i thought a pro athlete didnt care about their job. I wanna see them running constantly and with passion up and down the field or the court. I wanna hear about them training like madmen in the off-season. I wanna see em divin for loose balls (pause), takin hard fouls and yes, crying at the end of games they lose.

Basically what Im saying is lie to me man, make me feel like you really left a piece of yourself on the court& that you’re absolutely destroyed by the fact you werent able to put a piece of leather into a hoop more times than the other team- THEN and only then is when i might be able to suspend my disbelief for a few seconds and forget that your salary could pay a school’s worth of teachers for a year or three- or your watch & bracelet costs enough to save a city in africa from starvation….

Maybe we're all watching the wrong games? lmao!

Maybe we're all watching the wrong games? lmao!

I like love nice things more as much as the next man, but my point stands that some folk just dont deserve the rate they get…in my humble opinion… Why does Jason Kidd make more than Kobe Bryant? r Lebron f%$#n James? Here are some more examples of pure travesty and why I find it hard to take sports seriously- I give you, a few more of the most overpaid athletes in Basketball…


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