Jesus was a sheperd sure, but a Lamb that walks on water?

If u know me personally you know I love Lambo’s… (I love ferrari’s too but who doesn’t?) I also love hovercraft (me and tabi are filming our new video for Rock Bammas in the UK using hovercraft actually)… this joint blew my mind because it’s a little bit of both!!! Built by a cat named Mike Ryan, for a company called Sea Roader- it’s an actual amphibious car. I said it before, I’ll say it again… Everyone is not participating in the recession… There’s never a lack of money- it’s usually just a lack of ideas…

We are..the-the-rich..the-the-rich..the-the-rich kidddz

We are..the-the-rich..the-the-rich..the-the-rich kidddz


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