Art>Life or Life>Art?

I have to give a little attention to this whole issue because to me its a great case study on whether, at the end of the day, in this google-age; this age of the brand- is it a person’s life story that the fans care about (the way it’s traditionally been) or have we entered an age in hip-hop SO over-run by the fake that  fans now just dont care? Now if the music is good enough will a fan just suspend dis-belief like we do when we’re watching a movie or a magic show in Vegas? 

This  dude Rick Ross had pics of him ALL over the media dressed in his cell officer’s uniform, he then lied about it everywhere he went- “these were pictures created by the fake to entertain the fake” was a fave quote of his that i recall.. and yet THE DUDE MAKES SOME HOT MUSIC… I just think its sorta interesting when you stop looking at it as purely 50 vs Ross and start really using it to check the pulse of pop culture as a whole. There’s a time when NOONE wouldve accepted the figurehead for the whole rap culture kissing a man on the lips unless it was a woman.

@least he didnt go an a media tour lying about it...

@least he didnt go on a media tour lying about it...

Now, we  HAVE no women in the culture (they even got rid of the female hip-hop grammy category) and we, of course have Lil Wayne…yeah i dunno about u- but to me its official, even in the rap world where “keeping it real” has morphed into “keeping it reel”…. art>life…HaZiQ said that.


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