So what’s an MCeo?

For those of you who dont know, Im CEO of a company called Sky Republic, and which we used to call Organized Rhyme. Our roster boasts among others, a cat named tabi Bonney who you know from MTV if you follow that sort of thing, and another young dude outta DC named Luegar.  The reason i call myself an MCeo is that Im half show and half business and not neccesarily in that order LOL…

I just figured i should at least introduce a little of what i do as an artist… The sound really stunk out here but the crowd, like at most of my shows was there to have fun and get ‘boosted’ or ‘ciced up’ as we say in DC… I wanted to spend a little time giving it to ya’ll gritty before we start showing ya’ll the progress to MTV and touring the world etc etc.

i do hope it helps yall see a little bit what u can expect when you can make it to one of my shows… Dont worry tho- FAR better footage is coming… me, tabi and Luegar virtually never stop… and never want to either..




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